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Volkswagen Harleklin Imported by Open Air Imports

Who We Are

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland and Richmond, Virginia, we import vehicles from all over the globe. Owners Nick Berry, and Mike Brash work around the clock with an international team to make your import experience seamless. We pride ourselves on sourcing exceptional vehicles while providing top notch service to our customers. Let us help you find the next special vehicle you’ve been looking for, or help import the one you’ve already found.

Defender Imported by Open Air Imports

Our Mission

OAI strives to provide U.S. based enthusiasts greater access to the European automotive market. We aim for transparency and customer satisfaction while providing full service from the time of purchase until the vehicle reaches your driveway. 

Skyline R34 Imported by Open Air Imports

Getting Started

Let us help you obtain your next daily driver, project, garage queen, or dream car. Complete our Import Request Form listed below to create your account and get the process started. 

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Flat-rate importation service for regular sized vehicles starting at $3,000.

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