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Vehicle Import Process

OAI's vehicle importation process is tailored to be simple and easy to manage. If you're wondering what the importation process looks like, here is a breakdown of the steps that will get you started!

Step 1: Complete and Submit an Import Request Form

Step 2: Inquiry Review

Our team will review your request and use the information provided to estimate a quote. This quote is inclusive of all taxes and fees associated with importation. 

*Quote excludes transport of vehicle to port as this cost will vary based on location. 

Step 3: Sourcing and Inspection

Sit back and relax while we handle the logistics of purchasing an international vehicle. Upon request, we will view and photograph the vehicle prior to purchase. These photos will be communicated to you via email and/or text.

Step 4: Collection and Transport

We will manage vehicle collection, payment in person on your behalf, and delivery to the nearest port. You will continue to be updated on the status of the vehicle along with photos throughout the process. 

Step 5: Vehicle Arrival

Once the vehicle has reached its destination country, we can arrange delivery to you, or assist you in the process of collecting the vehicle. Vehicles may also be collected directly from us in Baltimore, MD. or Richmond, VA. 

Step 6: Documentation

Once the legal documents necessary to register the vehicle are received, everything will be mailed to you. Documents typically arrive a couple of weeks after the vehicle clears customs. Once you receive the documents, you will take them to your local DMV to register the vehicle in your state.

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