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  • Snowflake 19"
  • Snowflake 19"
  • Snowflake 19"

Snowflake 19"



For the larger diameter Snowflake designs we wanted to modernize the aesthetic a little bit more, since some of the cars they’ll be used on (Golf Mk7/8) are themselves quite modern. These newer chassis also require higher offsets and that greatly affects how much lip or concavity an 8.5”-wide wheel can have. ⁣

Most of all, we wanted to offer a version we feel VW themselves could have (should have?) offered from the factory on a Mk8 Golf GTI… I think we’ve done exactly that!

As with the 15” version, these larger diameters will also be flow-form and light weight.

We offer two different specs for the 19" Snowflake:

5x112 ET45 57.1 Center Bore is ideal for VW Mk5/6/7/8 chassis vehicles.

5x112 ET45 66.56 Center Bore is ideal for Audi B/6/7/8/9 chassis vehicles.


A $30/wheel discount is offered for all pre-order participants. Once wheels arrive at our warehouse, the discounted pricing will no longer be available.

This pre-order is only a deposit to secure a set of wheels - shipping fees will be assessed once the wheels arrive at our location and are ready to ship: even though at checkout the process says free shipping, shipping is not free - it is calculated after purchase and a shipping invoice will be emailed to you for payment.

All pre-orders are fully refundable** at any time up until the point in which the wheels arrive at our warehouse. ETA is of 7/13/2023 is October/November of this year.

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