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Call/Text: 443-300-8745

  • Location: Germany

    Odometer: 124,000 km

    Engine: VR6

    Transmission: Manual

    Exterior Color: Golden / Champaign

    Interior Color: Black / Champaign

    Air Conditioning: No

    Fuel Type: Gas/Petrol

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  • This 1995 Volkswagen MK3 Convertible presents a striking combination of a Golden / Champagne exterior with a sophisticated Black / Champagne interior. With 124,000 km, this unique convertible is powered by a VR6 engine mated to a manual transmission. While it does not feature air conditioning, it compensates with a range of high-end modifications and customizations that make it truly one-of-a-kind.

    Purchased in 2006, this car has undergone extensive upgrades and modifications, which have been meticulously documented. Below is a detailed translation of all modifications made to the vehicle:

    Engine & Exhaust System
    Engine Conversion: Upgraded from a 2.0L 4-cylinder to a 2.8L VR6 with static ignition.
    Engine Overhaul: Complete engine overhaul with individual tensioners for timing chains.
    Ignition System: New Beru ignition cables and transformer.
    Chrome and Gold Details: All engine bay components and fittings are chromed, with gold-plated bolts.
    Aluminum Pipes: All air and water pipes are made of aluminum and chromed.
    Hand-Sewn Leather: All hoses and the mass air flow sensor are hand-sewn in leather.
    Engine Block: Painted black.
    New Engine Mounts: Front and rear engine mounts replaced.
    New Sensors: All sensors and RPM sensors are new.
    Chromed Oil Pan: Oil pan is chromed.
    Overhauled Transmission: Transmission completely disassembled, overhauled, and painted in the car's color with a chromed transmission cover.
    Flywheel and Clutch: Lightened and finely balanced flywheel (5.5 kg) and Sachs clutch.
    Electrical System: Engine and light wiring harnesses extended and neatly routed.
    Cooling System: Minimized cooling circuit with the heater core and idle control valve removed.
    Custom Intake Manifold: Customized, flow-optimized, and cleaned 2.9L intake manifold with hidden vacuum connections, Audi TT temperature sensor, and cleaned water/pressure connections, fully copper-plated and chromed with a fine gold-plated spark plug cover.
    Throttle Body: Cleaned and maximally enlarged throttle body.
    Cams and Hydraulics: 2.9L VR cams and Schrick hydraulic lifters.
    Ignition System: Beru platinum spark plugs and cables.
    Fuel System: 4-bar fuel pump and steel braided fuel lines.
    Alternator and Cooling: Overhauled and chromed 120A alternator, 2 Spal sport fans, and a 13-row Mocal oil cooler.
    Air Filter and Exhaust: Open K&N sport air filter, TA Technix stainless steel headers, Fox stainless steel exhaust system from the original cat with 2x76mm flared tailpipes, and mini-cat.
    Body & Exterior
    Complete Repaint: Custom paint mix.
    Black Soft Top: Black fabric top.
    Windshield: New windshield with blue wedge and painted windshield trim (2012).
    Clean Engine Bay: Smoothed and painted engine bay with welded and painted Wiechers strut bar.
    Custom Front End: Cleaned radiator support covered in leather, all body seams cleaned, side moldings cleaned, and new side profile modeled in metal.
    Rear End Customization: Converted to Golf 4 sedan taillights with a custom-fitted, cleaned trunk lid featuring electric release, chromed and gold-plated tailgate struts, and an automatically retracting Corrado rear spoiler with chromed mechanism.
    US-Spec Bumpers: Front and rear US-spec bumpers with cleaned indicators and extended lines.
    Custom Mirrors: Polo 9N2 exterior mirrors with custom-built bases, foldable, electrically adjustable, and with indicators.
    Smoothed Sills and Hood: Smoothed sills, cleaned engine hood, custom-built triple-gill air vents, extended metal hood with a slight "angry look," polished stainless steel plates inside the hood, honeycomb grille without logo, and hidden hood release cable.
    Other Body Modifications: Rolled fender edges, cleaned side blinkers and antenna, Mercedes Sprinter air intake on the passenger side fender, black-painted front wheel arch liners, windshield washer jets relocated to the wiper arms, Sharan Freestyle door handles without locks with chrome inserts, black-painted B-pillar covers with Karmann metal logo, laser-engraved stainless steel door sills, black-painted roll bar cover, polished stainless steel tank straps, chromed heat shield for brake lines in the engine bay, and a hidden windshield washer reservoir.
    Custom Leather Interior: Individual RM leather upholstery for seats, rear bench, doors, dashboard, steering wheel, center console, A/B-pillars, roll bar, trunk, tailgate, floor mats, and tonneau cover.
    Seats: Scirocco 3 R front seats, semi-electric and heated (not connected), with custom seat consoles.
    Steering Wheel: Original Golf 3 steering wheel converted to Golf VI look, flattened, and with grip recesses.
    Chromed Details: Chromed door catch hooks, door catch straps with gold screws, hood latch with gold screws, and all other visible screws gold-plated.
    Painted Interior Parts: Various interior parts painted in body color or glossy black.
    Custom Electronics: Double-DIN monitor bezel replacing the upper center vent, radio installed in place of the ventilation/heating controls with a custom bezel, Audi TT footrest and pedal covers, auto-dimming Golf 4 interior mirror, leather shift knob in Golf V look, leather handbrake lever with chrome button, original Canadian VR6 speedometer with km/h and mph scale, and the removal of the blower motor and entire air duct system.
    Wheels, Suspension & Brakes
    Wheels: Lenso BSX 7.5J x 17" ET35 wheels with custom BBS center caps and 195/40 R17 Hankook Ventus S1 Evo tires.
    Suspension: FK Superedition stainless steel coilovers, welded and painted Wiechers steel strut bar, chromed strut mounts with gold nut, Wiechers aluminum lower control arm brace, Golf 3 VR6 rear axle with large stabilizer, 15mm front wheel spacers (effective ET20), and 20mm rear wheel spacers (effective ET15).
    Brakes: Girling 60 dual-piston front brakes (Audi S2), Lucas 38 single-piston rear brakes (Golf G60), EBC GreenStuff Kevlar/Aramid sport brake pads front and rear, drilled 280mm front brake discs, drilled 226mm rear brake discs, Goodridge stainless steel brake lines front and rear, black powder-coated front brake calipers, painted rear brake calipers, black-painted front and rear axles, black-painted wheel bearing housings, chromed H&R high-performance drive shafts, chromed control arms, chromed tie rods and tie rod ends, chromed retaining plates and bolts on control arms, chromed heat shields for front brake discs, chromed brake lines in the engine bay area, and black-painted brake booster and ABS block.
    Tail Lights: Hella US Golf 4 GTI anniversary model taillights.
    Headlights: Golf V look front headlights with LED indicator conversion.
    Side Markers: Dark US-spec side marker lights.
    Mirrors: Polo 9N2 side mirrors with indicators.
    Custom Lighting: White electroluminescent cables sewn into door panels, hidden LED lighting in the engine bay, halogen and LED lighting in the trunk, hidden LED footwell lighting, self-illuminating frameless rear license plate (G-Elumic), white-lit speedometer, white-lit switches, white door handle lighting, blue cup holder lighting, blue ashtray and cigarette lighter lighting, and blue-lit ashtray in the center console.
    Custom Trunk Setup: MDF & fiberglass trunk setup, covered in leather with LED and halogen lighting.
    Integrated Monitors: MDF & fiberglass tailgate setup with integrated monitors, covered in leather.
    Head Unit: Muse M-355 DR CD/DVD head unit with monitor.
    Touch Monitors: Two 7” Phonocar LCD touch monitors integrated into the tailgate.
    Dashboard Monitor: One 8” Carmedien LCD monitor integrated into the dashboard.
    Gaming System: PlayStation 2 Slim installed in the glove compartment.
    Amplifiers: ETON PA 5402 1050 Watt 2-channel amplifier visible, covered in leather and embroidered, Crunch Blackmaxx MXB 4100 1000 Watt 4-channel amplifier hidden, Blaupunkt GTA 2 Special 375 Watt 2-channel amplifier hidden.
    Subwoofer: One JL 10w6v2-D2 subwoofer in a custom bandpass enclosure with output through the rear seat back.
    Speakers: Four 130/90 Watt Audio System EX 165 SQ mid-bass drivers in the doors, two 25 Watt Alpine SXE-1025S 2-way coaxial tweeters in the dashboard, and two 40 Watt Alpine SXE-1725S 2-way coaxial mid-tweeters in the rear side panels.
    Power Management: Dietz 5 Farad capacitor with digital display and acoustic warning signal, modified VDO voltmeter integrated into the side panel, hidden connection for digital charger, various hidden batteries, and a hidden patch panel for power distribution.
    Fire Extinguisher: Hidden in the trunk.
    Emergency Releases: Emergency door and trunk releases.
    Electrical Safety: Multi-stage fuse protection with ANL fuses and an emergency cut-off switch for complete battery disconnection.

1995 Volkswagen MK3 Convertible

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