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Call/Text: 443-300-8745

  • Location: Belgium

    Odometer: 144,000 km

    Engine: 5cyl - 315hp

    Transmission: Manual

    Exterior Color: silver polar metallic

    Interior Color: black / grey

    Air Conditioning: Yes

    Fuel Type: Gas/Petrol

  • The price provided is a comprehensive estimate, encompassing the vehicle's cost, exchange rate, and import/export fees to a port near you. Please note that the actual price may fluctuate based on variables such as exchange rate, port of export, port of destination, and any additional transportation-related expenses.

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  • This 1995 Audi RS2, with a striking Polar Silver Metallic exterior and a sophisticated Black/Grey interior, is a prime example of a well-preserved, high-performance wagon. With 144,000 km on the odometer, this car features a powerful 5-cylinder engine producing 315 horsepower, paired with a manual transmission. It is equipped with air conditioning, ensuring comfort alongside exhilarating performance.

    This RS2 stands out not only for its rarity, with just under 3,000 units produced, but also for its exceptional condition. The Polar Silver Metallic paint retains its original luster, a testament to the meticulous care provided by its passionate owners. Always stored in dry conditions, the bodywork remains clean and free from the wear often seen in vehicles of this age.

    While the suspension and exhaust (decat) have been tastefully modified to enhance performance, the original parts are included with the car, ensuring it can be returned to its stock configuration if desired. The original rear badges are also available, adding to the car's authenticity and appeal to collectors.

    One of the most remarkable aspects of this RS2 is that it remains mostly stock, which is exceptionally rare for this model. Enthusiasts will appreciate the unaltered driving experience, where the unique sound of the 5-cylinder engine can be fully enjoyed. This car drives perfectly, combining the thrilling performance Audi is known for with the practicality of a wagon.

1995 Audi RS2

For Sale



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