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Call/Text: 443-300-8745

  • Location: Spain

    Odometer: 139,500 km

    Engine: 1.8

    Transmission: Manual

    Exterior Color: White

    Interior Color: Black

    Air Conditioning: Yes

    Fuel Type: Gas/Petrol

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  • This 1993 Volkswagen Biagini Passo is a rare and unique vehicle, featuring a White exterior with a Black interior. With just 139,500 km on the odometer, this Biagini Passo is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of its era. Powered by a 1.8L injection engine with 8 valves, the same engine found in the VW Golf Country, and paired with a manual transmission, this vehicle offers a driving experience that is both robust and engaging. Additionally, it comes equipped with air conditioning for added comfort.

    The Biagini Passo is a four-wheel-drive vehicle, often considered the first SUV, equivalent to the latest generation VW T-Roc, in automotive history. Produced by ACM in Italy between 1990 and 1993, only 65 units were ever made, with an estimated couple of dozen still in circulation. This particular unit stands out as potentially the best existing example, thanks to its originality and excellent state of conservation.

    The vehicle underwent a meticulous bodywork restoration, maintaining its original features and enhancing its charm. The front grille, an exclusive Biagini design, incorporates headlights from the Fiat Panda model, while the side indicators are borrowed from the Fiat Ritmo, and the rear lights come from the 1983 Opel Kadett. Unique design elements include a tailgate that opens opposite to the Golf and a distinctive hood.

    Leaving the Biagini factory as a unique blend of a VW Golf MK1 body with the chassis and 4-wheel drive technology of the Golf Country (second generation of the Golf), this vehicle embodies a fascinating piece of automotive history. Its rarity and exceptional condition make it a prized collectible.

1993 Volkswagen Biagini Passo

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