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Call/Text: 443-300-8745

  • Location: England

    Odometer: 159,176 miles

    Engine: 2.8 vr6

    Transmission: Manual

    Exterior Color: Black

    Interior Color: Black

    Air Conditioning: Yes

    Fuel Type: Gas/Petrol

  • The price provided is a comprehensive estimate, encompassing the vehicle's cost, exchange rate, and import/export fees to a port near you. Please note that the actual price may fluctuate based on variables such as exchange rate, port of export, port of destination, and any additional transportation-related expenses.

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  • This 1997 Volkswagen Golf VR6 presents a classic blend of performance and style. With its sleek black exterior and matching interior, paired with a powerful 2.8 VR6 engine and manual transmission, this car offers a thrilling driving experience. Equipped with air conditioning for comfort, it has been remapped to deliver just over 200 horsepower, complemented by the distinctive Miltek exhaust system. Despite minor imperfections such as a small bubble on the rear arches and a cracked rear badge, this Golf VR6 remains in excellent condition, making it a desirable choice for enthusiasts seeking both power and elegance in a compact package.

1997 Volkswagen Golf vr6




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