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OAI Marketplace - Request Form

Interested in selling your vehicle by making it available the international market? Look no further! OAI is offering their mitigation services by listing, advertising, and/or exporting of your vehicle. Fill out the following form to get started!


Please submit everything requested below in your initial submission. We would like to provide a seamless process and mitigate the back and forth on your behalf. As long as sufficient information and content is submitted and the vehicle appears to be accurately represented, there is almost no reason your vehicle would not be accepted into our listing program.

Please do not close, refresh, or leave this page while your submission is uploading....

Upload Scans of service records and/or vehicle history
Upload Proof of Ownership

Photos/Videos of vehicle (at least 30 photos):

Ample photos and videos to accurately represent the condition of the vehicle. The more information we have, the better chance we have of finding a buyer for your vehicle.

Exterior - Please include photos of:

  • Each corner

  • Front and Back

  • Driver side and Passenger side profile views

Interior - Please include photos of:

  • Seats

  • Steering Wheel

  • Door Cards

  • Mileage

  • Center Console

  • Headliner

  • Inner Trunk

  • Tool kit?

  • Spare?

  • Radio and/or climate control

Engine, Suspension, and undercarriage - Please include photos of:

  • Multiple shots of the engine bay

  • Strut towers

  • Close up for rocker panels

  • Undercarriage photos (to the best of your ability)

Vehicle Flaws - Please include photos of:

  • Rust

  • Dents/dings

  • Faded body panels

  • Scratches

  • Interior flaws (rips/tears/burns)

  • Cracked trim/panels/dashboards

  • Obvious signs of respray (flaws such as dust in paint, paint lines, overspray etc.)

Upload Pictures/Videos (up to 30)

Main Photo - Please upload your desired main photo for this vehicle:

Upload Main Photo

Your marketplace request has been submitted for review, thank you for choosing OAI to represent your vehicle!

An error occurred. Please review your submission for errors...

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