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  • Snowflake 16"
  • Snowflake 16"
  • Snowflake 16"
  • Snowflake 16"

Snowflake 16"


Pre-Order For 16" Snowflakes 

The classic Avus "Snowflake" wheel, modernized and enlarged to suit the needs of the present day car community. 

Produced using a Flow-Form manufacturing process, the results are a lighter and stronger wheel compared to traditional casting methods. 

We have made multiple adjustments to our original and evolved design, using up-to-the-minute methods, resulting in the optimum balance of inner brake clearance and a deep look, while increasing the strength suitable for larger vehicles, lower profile tires and today's roads!

Designed to directly fit most water-cooled VW 4/5x100 PCD models (5x100 PCD not available with 16x7) using OEM lugs and no required centering rings.

Offered in a high quality machined/black finish, it's the perfect OEM+ style that stays true to the RML concept.


This pre-order is only a deposit to secure a set of wheels - shipping fees will be assessed and invoiced once wheels arrive at our location and are ready to ship. We have ordered 600 wheels, total (and only 120 in 5x100 PCD). 

All pre-orders are fully refundable** at any time up until the point in which the wheels arrive at our warehouse.

Expected ETA is July/August 2023.

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