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  • Forged RVS 3-Piece
  • Forged RVS 3-Piece

Forged RVS 3-Piece

Center Cap Design

RVS 3-Piece by HCC Forged.


The authentic euro look, reimagined in Forged 3-Piece from 13-20“


Zero inch lip option available (note: this may limit wheel offset choices).


Three piece alloy wheel with forged center. Forged wheel center crafted from aerospace-grade forged alloy. 


Wheel design showcased is 15 (gold wheel center) and 17-inch (silver wheel center). Product image shown not representative of all configurations. Vehicle specific fitment can change offset, dish and center profile. A rendering of the wheel in your configuration will be sent to you after an order is placed.


Production and delivery: approximately 7-9 weeks.

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