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Inquiry Details

Inquiry Title: A-OAI-150

Inquiry Type: Import OAI Sourced Vehicle

Status: unread

Created On: Thu Mar 09 2023 00:11:53 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Last Updated: Thu Mar 09 2023 00:11:53 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Customer Import Cost:

Projected Customer Import Cost: $4529.75 USD

Projected Owed to OAI: $4244.46 USD

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Vehicle Request Details:

Year, Make, and Model: 2008 - 2020 VW Audi Any standard Quattro TDI

Vehicle Price: 20.00

Port of Entry: Tacoma WA

Client Name: Dionne PJ

Client Email:

Client Phone Number: 2502312798

Vehicle Type: passenger

Drive Type: LHD


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Expenses in EUR

Maritime Insurance: 150.00

Wire Transfer / Payment: 150.00

Freight / Vessel: 1385.00

Vehicle Price in Currency (EUR): 20.00

Vehicle Price in GBP: 18.11

Belgium / Germany Fee: 220.00

UK Transport: 0

Misc: 0

Total GBP Expenses: 1923.11

Expenses in USD

Vehicle Purchase Price in USD: $21.70

Duties / Tax Rate: 0.03

Duties / Tax Total: 0.65

ISF: 70.00

Customs: 180.00

Port Towing: 325.00

K-Line: 150.00

Container: 0.00

Misc: 0

Total USD Expenses: $725.65

Conversion Rates

EUR to USD Exchange Rate: 1.0688

EUR to GBP Exchange Rate: 0.9057

GBP to USD Exchange Rate: 1.1981

Total Expenses of Vehicle

Total Vehicle Expenses (incl. OAI Fee): 4529.75


Customs POA

POA Incomplete

Bill of Sale

Bill of Sale Incomplete

IRF Requirements

IRF Requirements Incomplete

Identity Verification

Identity Verification Incomplete


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